Documentary film: « Teruko Yokoi – Art in the Making »


Teruko Yokoi

© 2024 Kuniko Satonobu Spirig

Created in 2024, this documentary film of 50 minutes « Teruko Yokoi – Art in the Making » is the portrait of a determined woman artist who persevered despite the difficulties of being a foreigner, a single mother and an artist in the shadow of her famous ex-husband. In parallel, the film analyses the fascinating methods of her abstract painting (Teruko Yokoi Film official web site).


2022 – 2023

Film projection & Exhibition in Japan


Teruko Yokoi « Autumn Poem », 1968

The documentary film « Teruko Yokoi – Art in the Making » along with an exhibition of around 40 works of Teruko Yokoi will be shown in Tsushima city, Japan in 2024. More information will come soon.



Documentary film on Ballet competition «Prix de Lausanne» for NHK: «Doors open in Lausanne– Ballet dancers Sumina & Mio »

ローザンヌ国際バレエコンクールのドキュメンタリー『ローザンヌでつかんだ未来 – バレエダンサー須弥奈と美桜 –』制作/NHK BS1で放送

© 2018 Prix de Lausanne

As I’ve been reporting for 10 years on the Prix de Lausanne, an international competition for young ballet dancers, I wanted to make a documentary film to share with a Japanese audience that the Prix de Lausanne is not a simple competition but also the place where the participants learn a lot of new choreographies and grow up during a single week. The idea for the project was then accepted by NHK London and I had the opportunity to co-direct the film. We filmed Sumina and Mio, two dancers of the Tanz Academy of Zürich, for 10 days. We were extremely happy that they both won prestigious prizes at the competition.